Ad Specialties

If your looking for something other than wearables to advertise your company you are in the right place. From pens to crystal vases. Just about anything that you can thank of is available here.

Art Department

Art is the most overlooked step in the printing business. No one wants to pay for it, but they want their products to look as if they did. The better the art the better the final piece.


Grannie's has a complete art department, with knowledge of computer graphics, cartooning, and watercolors. Each job is priced by the hour plus materials. If you would be interested in having us design a logo or layout a shirt for your organization or company just contact us.


DIGITIZING: The first step in embroidery is digitizing. If you already have a logo digitized and could obtain a disk with your design on it, than you can skip this section and move on to having your logo embroidered.


Embroidery is accomplished by the use of commercial machines. We operate 25 heads in the embroidery area.


Screen Printing is the process of pushing inks through a screen onto a shirt or other item. Here we operate both a manual and automatic press. Our manual press is used for smaller orders and specialty items and can run up to 6 colors. Our automatic press is used for larger orders and can run up to 9 colors.