Art Department

• Camera-Ready Art: Grannie's reserves the right to determine what constitutes camera-ready art. Black & White art is required, color separated and sized to within 50% of actual finished size. Designs submitted by fax do not constitute camera-ready art.


• Computer Generated Art: Grannie's Attic utilizes IBM compatible computers. However, we can accept Macintosh generated files. If you are sending us art work please save the work in one of the following file types:

Preferred: vector art with pantone colors *.eps, *.ai, *.cdr, *.pdf

Also acceptable: *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.tif, *.psd

(best if all images are high resolution, i.e. 300dpi or more)


• Clip Art: We maintain an extensive library of type fonts and clip art designs to assist in your design.


• Art Abilities: Grannie's Attic has the ability to produce many different types of designs and logos. Our full time Art Department can produce a variety of different types of media. Consisting of Computer graphics layout, Logo design from concept, original cartooning and original water colors.


• Art Charges: When camera ready art is not available, it is possible to work from many formats such as letterheads, photographs, samples, or an idea. Any additional artwork will be charged at cost, and must be approved before production. Grannies reserves the right to not charge for art. All charges are billed out with a minimum one hour, and broken to half hour after the first hour.Estimated art charges are available upon request.


• Screen Charges: Spot $18.00 per screen, 4 Color Process $25.00 per screen, Spot Process $20.00 per screen.


• Colors: We stock standard print colors: White, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Navy, Light Navy, Royal, Contact Blue (Carolina Blue), Red, Burgundy, Purple, Light Purple, Kelly Green, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Blue. Pantone Coated color can be mixed for $15.50


• 4 Color Process/Spot Process: Grannies Attic can produce 4 color process prints onto white T-shirts, or using spot process on black or colored shirts. Examples are available on our Screen Printing Page.